What We Offer

Williams Consulting Group offers these programs:


How We Will Work With You

After conducting a series of targeted interviews and on-site observations, we develop a customized program that may include formal training, workshops, one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and/or intensive intervention sessions.

Workshop topics are specifically selected and customized to maximize behavior change and results. Topics may include accountability, trust, teamwork, talent management, and employee engagement, to name only a few.

Coaching will identify and reinforce behavior change and enhance individual understanding of key leadership concepts. Only individuals and/or teams open to the possibilities of behavior change through the feedback and coaching process should be involved.

Team intervention addresses work teams which have significant difficulty getting along and typically blame others for those difficulties. Intervention is private and involves everyone on the team, including the team leader(s).

Our consultants provide professional and objective facilitation, guidance, and instruction throughout our programs. The customized design:

  • is experiential through “games,” exercises, and activities that highlight one’s natural behavior choices
  • cultivates effective leadership behaviors, without suggesting there is a right or wrong leadership style
  • introduces beliefs and attitudes which may influence natural choices of behaviors
  • emphasizes self-awareness
  • creates a safe environment in which people feel free to offer their points of view