These authors are some of the expert “influencers” of WCG’s principles and concepts. They represent, in our view, some of the finest thinkers on the topic of Leadership and related concepts. Their work has been foundational to our own development and thinking within Williams Consulting Group. It has influenced the direction of our work in developing clients, as we help them toward becoming more effective as leaders and organizers. The sources below have greatly influenced the topics, concepts, and ideas contained in our training and coaching models.



  • Bill George – Authentic Leadership

  • Kevin Cashman – Leadership from the Inside Out

  • James Kouzes & Barry Posner – Strength-Based Leadership

  • Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline

  • John Kotter – What Leaders Really Do

  • Eric Harvey & Alex Lucia –Walk the Talk

  • Stephen Covey – Principal-Centered Leadership

  • John Maxwell – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

  • John Miller – Personal Accountability & Flipping the Switch

  • Peter Block – Stewardship: Choosing Service over Self-Interest

  • Janes Huner – The Servant

  • George Pransky –The Relationship Handbook


Coaching and Feedback

  • Robert Hargrove – Masterful Coaching

  • Tom Crane – The Heart of Coaching

  • Michael Lombardo – FYI: For Your Improvement

  • David Peterson & Mary Dee Hicks – Leader as Coach

  • David Augsberger – Caring Enough to Hear and Be Heard


Facilitation, Teambuilding, and Other Sound Leadership Skills

  • Roger Schwarz – The Skilled Facilitator

  • Xerox Corporation – Mining Group Gold (Facilitation Guide)

  • Peter R. Scholtes et al – The Team Handbook

  • Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence

  • Kathleen Ryan & Daniel Oestreich – Driving Fear out of the Workplace

  • John Kotter – Leading Change, and The Heart of Change

  • Peter Kline & Bernard Saunders – Ten Steps to a Learning Organization

  • James Collins & Jery Porras – Good to Great, and Built to Last

  • William Bridges – Managing Transitions

  • Roger Lewing & Birute Regine – The Soul at Work: Embracing Complexity Science

  • Robert Bruce Shaw – Trust in the Balance

  • Peter Senge et al – The Dance of Change