Williams Consulting Group understands that most organizations have the characteristics of both high and low performance organizations. Our work will help enhance the effectiveness of the high performance traits and begin shifting the low performance traits towards their high performance counterpart. Such a cultural shift will not occur quickly and may involve several variations of the products and services we offer. Change, however, will be deep and long lasting.

Some High Performance traits:

  • Trust is granted instead of people having to earn it.
  • Dialogue is open and honest.
  • Teams/individuals are results-oriented.
  • Accountability is valued.
  • Individuals have a “Big Team” perspective.
  • Appreciation is expressed readily; constructive feedback is offered to help others improve their effectiveness.
  • Leaders and employees understand that beliefs and attitudes influence behavioral effectiveness.

Some Low Performance traits:

  • Teams blame others or make excuses for poor results.
  • Failure to take risk is prevalent.
  • Teams overanalyze to the point of paralysis.
  • Fear of failure and/or fear of success is pervasive.
  • Walls are constructed between departments, encouraging silo mentality.
  • Change is regarded as a threat, rather than an opportunity for improvement.
  • Feedback is rare or non-existent.
  • Priorities and goals are unclear.