The most common words used to describe Williams Consulting Group facilitators include talented, knowledgeable, caring, firm, energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate, humorous, kind, confident, well-prepared, respectful, personal, experienced, easy to understand, and friendly.


We regularly receive comments like the following on our feedback surveys:


“In my 27 years in the workforce as a manager and leader, this is the best training I’ve ever had.”

“There were so many valuable experiences, concepts – so much wisdom – that I have assimilated in these very short 3 days – I am wanting more.”

“I saw the group move from individuals to a team of committed people willing to make change.”

“This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The team building (exercises) helped us to create a genuine respect for others and what they contribute.”

“The choices I now see! Just the knowledge that I have a choice about how (the kind of leader) I can be is just tremendous!”

“Everything was done with such excellence. It was a mixture of fun and learning. It was an awesome and wonderful experience.”

“It really made me think about myself and the impact that I have on others. You have such a unique way of bringing things out of people.”

“It was amazing to see the mid sets (of people) change over 3 days – from grumbling and discontent to how we can make things better.”

“Last week I wondered if the company couldn’t spend money better elsewhere (than on this training). I have changed my opinion: it was money very well spent.”

“As usual, I arrived skeptical. I was happy and surprised that this course in its entirety gave me an energy boost, left me with a more positive attitude, and (gave me) good tools to return to work and help others.”

“You’ll never know the amazing impact you have had on my life, at work and at home. I am so grateful.”

“I appreciated the ability of all the facilitators to draw insightful comments and participation out of the group and use current and relevant analogies to reinforce the topic at hand.”